4 – 15″ Embedded TFT LCD Display Panel Touch Screen With Graphical Interface

Product Overview:

Dignity offers a wide range of both standard and custom developed Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch liquid crystal display modules, with both commercial and consumer displays available. Combining our high performance PCAP multitouch technology with a range of LCD displays to offer customers a turnkey solution that reduces development cost and lead time while offering superior design flexibility and customizability. Our standard line of product is aimed primarily at the industrial control and instrumentation markets, while we provide custom modules for a range of applications, including gaming, retail solutions and office/home automation.


Parameter Options & Notes
Product Construction GG
Screen Size (Inches) Custom size(4″-15″)
Touch Screen OD  
Touch Screen AA  
Cover Lens
Cover Lens Thickness 0.55mm – 10mm
Cover Lens Material CS Glass, Gorilla Glass, Heat Tempered, PET, PMMA, etc.
Additional Options Silk screening, logos, cut outs, colored glass, etc.
Touch Controller & Interface
Controller Location COB / COF
Controller Type Silicon Works / EETI / Weida / Ilitek / Goodix / Customer Supplied
Interface I2C, USB, RS232, UART
Operating System

Windows XP, 7-10, Linux, iOS, Android

Touch Performance 10 touch points, palm rejection, water rejection
Optical 85% Transmittance, 3% Haze
Operating Temperature -20 C to 70 C
Storage Temperature -30 C to 70 C
Lifespan 5 million touches


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