PCAP Touchcsreen Manufacturers


Dignity has developed a line of standard and custom touch screen solutions and enhancements to meet a wide range of product applications and end markets, from the retail market to mass market home appliances to the most rugged industrial uses. With more than a decade of touch screen experience, Dignity offers a turn-key solution to our customers, with full in-house capabilities from glass shaping, touch panel production, integration, enhancement, display solutions as well as standard and custom LCM touch modules. Whatever your touch performance requirements, Dignity has a product solution to meet it.



Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Solutions

Dignity offers a line of Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch screens (also known as PCT), with a variety of enhancements, sizes and others options. Projected capacitive touch screens offer superior performance, optical quality, lifespan, resistance to damage and other considerations compared to many other touch screen technologies. They are widely used in consumer and commercial applications and are the most dominant touch technology on the market. We currently offer four PCAP touch screen structures:

  •     –  Glass-Glass (GG) – GG panels consist of a glass sensor layer bonded to a glass cover lens; it has excellent optical qualities and good overall strength. It is our most popular PCAP     solution.   
  •  –  Glass-Film-Film (GFF) – GFF panels consist of two layers of PET film bonded to a glass cover lens; it offers similar strength to GG products, but has is both thinner and lighter for     applications where that is a key consideration.
  •     –  Plastic-Glass (PG) – PG panels consist of a glass sensor layer bonded to a plastic cover lens; it is often used for applications where cost or safety considerations are paramount.
  •     –  Glass-Film (G1F) – G1F panels consist of a single layer of PET film bonded to a glass cover lens; it is the thinnest and lightest option for PCAP touch screens.

Touch Screen Enhancements

    Touch panels are highly customizable and Dignity has a variety of options for almost every component and product aspect – size, cover lens material, decoration, screen enhancements, controller, chip/IC location, interface method, etc. Product customization is generally predicated on product performance requirements, end use, display choices and other aspects; with more than 1500 different solutions in our product database, Dignity can offer valuable advice on how to optimize a touch solution for your needs.

Touch Screen Integration & Display Services

Dignity also offers touch screen integration services to our customers – integration involves bonding the touch panel and sensor to the selected display in order to improve functionality and performance. This includes cost-efficient tape (air gap) bonding as well as high-performance optical bonding (both film and liquid optical bonding options available). In addition to the integration services offered, we also provide a full suite of LCD sourcing, testing, procurement and LCD board development services to those customers looking for a one-stop solution.

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